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UV stabilised and built to last, our recycled plastic rugs and mats are the best in the world. It is a versatile product which can be used for a variety of purposes. As the name suggests the mats are made from recycled plastic articles like the shopping bags and bottles people throw away. Plastic articles made from Polypropylene are collected and separated as per the colours. ... The articles are then melted with colours added to them to achieve a level of uniformity. Beautiful hollow plastic straws are then extruded from the articles thus melted. The straws are then woven into beautiful plastic mats and rugs.

Multi-purpose Recycled Plastic Rugs

From an extra small size to an extra-large size the mats are woven in multiple sizes. Based on the sizes mats can be used as a mat or a rug. The smaller sizes prove ideal as a beach mat or in the balcony. Since the mats are made from recycled plastic and are UV stabilised, these are waterproof and easy to maintain. Nowadays units, apartments in the cities have small balconies. The small mats are very handy to be used in small and tight spaces. Customers love the big extra-large recycled plastic mats for camping as they come folded and are easy to store in any caravan or a car. One can also see the mats being used widely in day care and early childhood centres. Due to the light weight and easy to maintain nature the mats are good for kids to play on too!

Creating Earth Friendly Recycled Mats by working with the socially responsible Suppliers.

When we look back on our years in the business, we feel happy that not only the recycled plastic mats have been accepted and loved by our customers, but we have also built ever lasting relationships with suppliers who share our ideas of being earth friendly and socially conscious. Suppliers have embraced the best possible manufacturing practises both in terms of the impact they have on the environment and so also on the workers who work with them. Plastic waste generated at the time of manufacturing is collected and recycled to keep waste generation from going into landfills. In fact, the recycled mats supplier now has installed solar panels. This helps a big part of their energy requirements being met from solar power thus making them even more socially responsible suppliers.

So go ahead and buy our recycled plastic rugs and mats online in Australia at best prices with free shipping!

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