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Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs

Best Outdoor Rugs in the whole of Australia. Fab Habitat is the pioneer of Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs in Australia.

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Fab Habitat offers the best Outdoor Rugs Online. Made from recycled plastic, sourced by melting down shopping bags, furniture, plastic bottles, these are an eco-friendly option for decorating outdoor patio, alfresco areas, or a veranda. They are easy to maintain – simply hose the rugs to clean them. ... Available in number of sizes and a variety of colours, we are sure you will be as happy to shop from our range as we have been in sourcing them from different parts of the world. Fab Habitat SHIPS FREE to every part of Australia.

Outdoor Rugs & Mats by Fab Habitat!!

Keeping our commitment of style and sustainability, our expertly power-loomed outdoor rugs and mats offer the aesthetics, versatility, and functionality that you need to tie any space together. Fab Habitat’s beautiful and affordable plastic outdoor rugs are woven from premium quality recycled plastic straws. These outdoor rugs are popularly used inside and outside of homes as they offer stress-free maintenance. Because they are made of recycled plastic, these rugs are stain, weather, mould, and mildew resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor spaces, dining areas or even playrooms. If you choose to place your rug outside, they also have the advantage of being UV resistant. Complement your design theme or get inspired with Fab’s fun and fabulous outdoor rugs. Best of all, our plastic outdoor rugs are reversible, so you can change the look of your décor with just a flip of a rug! At Fab Habitat, we love recycled plastic rugs because they align perfectly with our mission to reduce our carbon footprint.

Outdoor Rugs in different textures!!

The Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs and Mats which are made from discarded shopping bags and other plastic articles are soft under the feet whereas the Outdoor and Indoor Rugs made from PET (a form of plastic made from recycled plastic bottles) are so soft that one will not be able to make out if its plastic or soft wool or cotton.

Buy Round Outdoor Rugs!!

Round Outdoor Rugs define a place like no other. They lend a character to the space which stays for a long time. Fab Habitat round rugs are available in Black and white colours. And are reversible. As per your décor, you could choose a busy or a simple design like the Olympia Beige.

Outdoor Rugs of every shape and size!!

We offer outdoor rugs in multiple sizes. From a small outdoor rug like the Nicosia which is great in front of a Patio door to a large Rug like the Kilimanjaro, we have an outside rug in every shape and size. Most of the rugs come rolled which offers a clean look without any interruption in the designs. Only the extra large rugs like the 270x270cms or the 270x360cms come within built folds which helps to store them in a small space like the boot of a car. The extra-large rugs are popular as camping rugs and customers love to take them with their caravans. This is particularly pleasing for us as many of the customers have shared their camping photos on Instagram using their Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug.

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Outdoor Rugs & Mats