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Coffee Tables

Spruce up your space with a coffee table!

A living room or sitting area is incomplete without a modern coffee table. Thus, a wooden coffee table is a vital element in most themes crafted by home décor specialists.

A large coffee table fits perfectly between your living room chairs or sofas. The table's flat surface is ideal for serving beverages, and food. You can also keep books and decorative items on it.

A variety of coffee table shapes and sizes

Fab Habitat offers round coffee tables, wooden tables with drawers, and square tables in Australia. Our collection also includes an oval coffee table, rectangular ones, nested tray variety, marble top ones, and a coffee table with drawers.


Coffee table size, height and style

Selecting the wrong size can result in overcrowding. Therefore, choose the coffee table size depending on the existing furniture and space. Your wood coffee table should be 3/4 of the sofa length in case of a small room.

Ensure ease of movement by keeping sufficient legroom between the table and other furniture. The tables height should be 1-2 inches lower than your sofa or chairs. However, you can consider going for a more heightened one if you plan to use it for dining. A coffee table with storage can prove to be a great choice if you wish to use it while working.

Lastly, the style. It goes without saying that the black coffee tables design should be in line with the room's interior theme.

Trending coffee table types in Australia

1. Coffee tables with storage

Most Aussie shoppers appreciate a coffee table with storage. A large coffee table with a hidden compartment has an aesthetic appeal and helps in space optimization.

2. Tables manufactured using sustainable materials

Aussies are adapting sustainability. And this trend is visible in coffee table choices. Earlier, a wooden coffee table was the first preference for most shoppers. But trends have changed. Now, shoppers prefer small coffee tables made from sustainable materials like concrete, upcycled furniture, recycled plastic and metal frames.

3. Nesting tables

A nesting coffee table is suitable for serving drinks and food. They are an ideal choice for homes with small spaces as they are stackable and easy to store. Some nesting tables also have storage space.

4. Marble coffee tables

Known for their luxurious appearance, marble coffee tables Perth do not need much introduction. The material is durable and long-lasting. This makes the marble surface ideal for serving beverages.

5. Square or Rectangle coffee tables

A square or rectangle table, especially a coffee table with storage, is another incredibly popular type in Australia. Wooden pieces add warmth and a sense of elegance to the room.  

6. A round coffee table is a conversation starter!

Round coffee tables have a timeless and classic appeal. The design is safe as it does not have any sharp corners like a rectangular coffee table. Further, it fits perfectly in compact or small rooms.

Accessories that complement a wooden coffee table

  • Decorative trays
  • Decorative vases with flowers
  • Bowls
  • Sculptures
  • Table lamps
  • Lanterns

Enjoyable outdoor experience with an outdoor coffee table

An outdoor coffee table has the ability to convert any small outdoor space into an environment ideal for socializing and relaxing. Besides the patio, you can keep such tables in areas like balconies, terraces, gardens, and lawns. For outdoor spaces, tables made from wood, concrete, metal or other weather-resistant durable materials can prove ideal.

You might see hundreds of sellers if you use search engine phrases like affordable storage coffee table in Australia or round coffee table in Australia. But you certainly wish to make purchases from a trustworthy online seller, don't you? That's why Fab Habitat can be your best choice.

Do you wish to buy coffee tables online? Look at Fab Habitat’s extensive range.

Coffee table maintenance tips

In the case of marble or concrete surfaces, it is ideal to wipe the table with a damp cloth after dipping it in a mild soap solution. Follow the same steps for metal, plastic, and resin surfaces. Glass table surface needs a glass cleaner to remove smudges and fingerprints.

It is best to avoid keeping tables with wood, wicker, rattan, and resin and plastic surfaces under direct sunlight. Depending on the item manufacturer's maintenance instructions, you can also use UV-resistant spray in order to prevent fading.

Lastly, always lift the table while shifting it from one place to the other. Dragging the coffee table is a strict NO.

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