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Extra Large Rugs

Unleash the Potential of Your House with Extra Large Rugs

Open-plan living areas and large lounge rooms are common aspects of modern homes. And extra large or XL rugs are an ideal choice to cover larger interior spaces.

Whether you are looking for Persian and Moroccan-inspired patterns, traditional designs, or modern, floral patterns. There is one reasonably priced rug with a striking appearance for every house.

What about the size specifications for an extra large outdoor rug and an indoor one? Australian extra large rugs are sized between 9' x 12' and 12' x 15.' Some manufacturers offer even larger ones.

... You might wonder, is there a brand that offers superb-quality products at affordable prices? Yes, Fab Habitat’s extra large floor rugs Australia can decorate your space with ease. Use our extra large rugs Australia and divide open plan living spaces into a dining room, living room, and lounge. Browse our collection and choose themes that can integrate with your existing furniture.

Material options for extra large rugs

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Jute
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Viscose
  • Acrylic
  • Recycled plastic

Extra large rugs integrate with different interior styles

Elevating the area with extra large floor rugs Australia is the best way to curate a unique minimalist space.

Rugs also play a key part in Scandinavian interior style. In fact, Scandinavian rugs are thick and big.

Due to the charming and cosy look, industrial interior design has become extremely popular. Vintage, Antique-themed large rugs fit well in the industrial decor.

There is something for maximalism design lovers too. You can add coloured or patterned extra large area rugs in the theme. Go, create that bright and bold theme with a rainbow of colours.

Timely care and maintenance are vital for extra large rugs

Extra large rugs Australia require proper care and maintenance for a longer life.

The first step always starts with vacuuming the dirt and debris. Further, it is best to handle stains with spot cleaning. But, always use a mild detergent.

In some cases, the DIY approach does not prove useful. There is no other option besides calling professional cleaners in case of fungus, tough stains, or pet urine.

Lastly, remember, that the care and maintenance depend on the fabric and other materials used in the rug. For example, you can rinse and dry extra large outdoor rugs, but not indoor ones, especially jute rugs, unless specified on the label.

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