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Non Slip Doormats

We offer a great range of non-slip doormats to suit your needs. The best non-slip doormats are the ones which can not only stop the dirt but also stay in one place due to premium rubber backing. Available with us in three colours Beige, Black and the Grey to suit most doors, these non slip doormats also come in three sizes at great prices. While the small size is ideal for a single door, a large size can easily cover a double door or even the French doors. When you order a non-slip doormat from Fab Habitat, we ship free to your home anywhere in Australia.

Unlike any other non-slip door mats in Australia our doormats have a natural rubber backing which delivers excellent non-slip qualities. As the name suggests the mats are made from millions of small fibres of Cotton and Polyester. This fibre help absorb the dirt and water when someone scrubs the shoes or footwear over them and prevents the dirt from entering inside.

Additionally, these non-slip door mats can be used in front of any door from kitchen to a bathroom or even a garage. These qualities make them extremely multi-purpose.

Unlike any similar Anti slip door mats, the edges have been finished to help stop shedding which also makes them look aesthetically superior. The simple universal colours like the Beige, Black or the grey help the mats blend in with any décor. These washable non slip mats are easy to maintain. They can be washed under the water with a mild detergent.

With excellent value for your money and super qualities, our mats are the best non-slip indoor doormats you can find in Australia!

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