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Non Slip Rugs

Looking online for non slip rugs that look fabulous and beautiful, yet are priced reasonably? Then Fab Habitat's anti slip rugs are what you're really looking for. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes, the Sunrise collection comes with a non slip backing. Traditional Oriental patterns are easy on the eyes and the modern themed Mosaic tiled patterns will merge into any decor. ... Buy a blue coloured rug or choose a monochrome one. The prices and the quality of these non skid rugs will make you happy and keep your guests safe.

Why Non-slip rugs?

On timber or tiled floors, rugs tend to slip and move when used in the daily life. Non-slip rugs come with a backing which allows them to avoid slipping and helps the rug stay in one place for a long time. They do not require a rug pad separately. This provides excellent value to the customers while avoiding the hassle of buying a rug pad separately. The non-slip qualities of a rug will differ as per the surface, but the non-slip qualities will still prove useful. If you are looking for a non-slip rug for your hardwood or timber floor, then you are on the right online shop for anti-slip rugs.

Fabulous Designs

The non-slip rugs come in a range of designs, colours and patterns. From a distressed rug to a modern rug, beautiful designs like the Maja or the Mozaic Blue tiled provide excellent value. Rayie Oriental blue rug is traditional while contemporary enough to fit in any décor of an Australian home. For your home office the understated distressed looking Mozaic Grey would prove to be an ideal fit. The geometric patterns combined with the trellis motifs make for an excellent design. Noor with it’s centre medallion is one of the most popular non slip rug we have.

Extra small to Extra-large rug a size for every room, every space.

From a small area rug to be used in front of a bathroom or next to the bed, to an extra-large size ideal for the family room, the non-slip rugs come in several sizes. Combined with the non-slip backing, the hall runners prove excellent in terraces which are so peculiar to the homes in Australia. The small rugs prove handy in the kitchen.

We are sure you would love our rugs as much as we do. Buy non slip rugs online and we will ship free to your home in Australia.

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