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Camping Mats

Camping Mats

Caravan and Camping Mats by Fab Habitat, you will love them ☺️ ☺️

Everyone loves camping, being outdoors with the family and friends and just having a good time under the open skies. Take out your campervan and make a stop in the great Australian wilderness! Open the awnings and lay out the Fab Habitat camping mat under the annex. The camping mats will fit in so beautifully that they will become an essential part of any camping trip before you even realise. Instagram feeds are full of how our customers love using their camping or caravan mats by Fab Habitat.

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Going on a camping trip with family and friends? Make sure to take the Fab Habitat camping mat. Stop under the stars next to the river, prepare a hot cup of coffee and lay out these large outdoor mats to enjoy the time with your family. These large camping mats come in big sizes with a space to place at least 6 to 8 chairs. Just lay out your chairs on them or simply use them as sleeping mats.

The camping mats like the other Outdoor mats and rugs are made from recycled plastic. These caravan annex mats are easy to maintain since they can be washed by hosing them with water. The mats are strong enough for any terrain and can be used with furniture on them. All the mats are reversible and the option to use them either side brings twice the fun to the camping trips. These are foldable plastic mats and you will be surprised with their durability. Some of our customers have been using their outdoor camping mats for almost 10 years and that’s when we started selling them.

The mats are currently available in multiple sizes. The biggest mat comes in the size 9 x 12 feet or 270 x 360 cms. These large camping mats are designed to merge well and be a part of the outdoors or camping trips. Simple colours like black and white or the earthy beige and cream or the grey and white helps the mats become a natural part of the camping trip.

From Gove peninsula in the far north to Denmark in the far south western corner of Australia you will always find happy campers owning our camping mats.

With easy and free shipping across Australia we are sure you will be happy with a Fab Habitat