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Large Rugs

Add Style Quotient to Your Home with Fab Habitat Large Rugs

As you know, large rugs add an element of style and help divide space in the room. Large area rugs effortlessly transform the look of open-plan living spaces. And that’s not it. There are other ample benefits that compel people to purchase large rugs online.

Why invest money in large rugs?

Large living room rugs act as sound absorbers. They work as an anchor for chairs, sofas and other furniture. Further, a large rug also protects floorings and warms up the overall space.

Rugs can add style to a dull-looking area within minutes. These pieces have been a part of human history and various cultures for centuries.


You might wonder, what’s the standard size definition for large rugs in Australia? Well, the size may vary from one manufacturer to the other. But, in general, large rugs in Australia are those between 8 '7″-12,′ in other words, 2 metres by 3 metres or bigger.

Most appreciated styles of large rugs in Australia

There are a variety of styles for large floor rugs. Modern, tribal, natural, oriental or vintage are the most appreciated ones. You can choose one depending on the vibe you wish to create in the area.

Materials for large rugs

It is always advisable to choose the material depending on the traffic, purpose, and location where you plan to use the rug.

The list for natural options includes jute, cotton, wool, or sisal. On the other hand, you can choose man-made fabrics like acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, viscose, or nylon. Don’t forget, you can easily buy large rugs online from Fab Habitat.

Care and maintenance for large carpet rugs

  • Vacuum it regularly
  • Shake it out once a month
  • Rotate it once in six months
  • Consider spot treatments for removing stain
  • Hire professional rug cleaners in case of deep-rooted problems

Rug placement

Which is the best spot for rug placement in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom? Well, the answer might vary from one decor expert to the other.

Most experts recommend positioning all the living room furniture on a large rug. Placing the same in front of the bed can bring a lot of warmth to the bedroom. And in the kitchen, setting a big mat under the dining table sounds good.

Most importantly, consider factors like design aesthetic, furniture layout, and room size when you buy large area rugs.

Fab Habitat for sustainable and ethically produced rugs

Large carpet rugs bought under the influence of FOMO can end up in a waste pile or a landfill. So, it is always better to make considered purchases. Thus, we Aussies believe in supporting ethical and environment-friendly production practices.

Fab Habitat offers a range of large carpet rugs made from green materials. These are crafted using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Combining traditional craftsmanship and new weaving techniques helps ensure our large outdoor rugs last a lifetime.

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FAQs for Large Rugs