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Fab Habitat: One of the most trusted suppliers of indoor and outdoor hammocks

Hammocks made from fishnet have been used as beds for centuries in countries with warm climates. Today, hammocks are known due to their ability to provide rest and help users recover after a long tiresome day.


Get restful sleep even while camping

Your uncomfortable mattress won't be of much help against insects and other dangerous creatures. Outdoor hammocks do! Plus, thanks to the relaxing swaying movement, you can fall asleep faster while out in the open.

Outdoor variants are made with weather-resistant materials. These help ensure that the hammock can sustain exposure to rain, UV rays, and other elements.

Give your home the makeover it deserves

A well-crafted indoor hammock chair can add an eclectic interior design look to your property. You can hang a hammock swing chair or hammock with a stand in any part of your living room.

Most appreciated hammock styles: 

  • String or rope hammocks
  • Fabric hammocks
  • Cocoon hammocks
  • Brazilian style hammocks
  • Mexican-style (hand-woven) hammocks

Types of hammocks available in Australia

Hammocks with stands, hammock chair, kids' nest swing, rope hammocks, spreader bar hammocks, and swing chair hammocks are some of the types available in Australia. There are other options as well. Take a look at Fab Habitat's extensive collection of outdoor hammocks, and Kids hammocks for sale.

Fabric options for indoor and outdoor hammocks sold in Australia

You definitely wish to know about fabrics used in hammocks. Materials like nylon (Mayan Silk) and polyester are considered best-suitable for outdoor hammocks. On the other hand, cotton and olefin are ideal fabrics for hammock indoor. There are variants with built-in bug netting and insect-repellent fabric.

What about the lifespan of indoor and outdoor hammocks? The answer depends on the type of fabric and how often you use it. Yet, timely maintenance and care can help ensure a life of around seven years for polyester ones and roughly three to five years for cotton variants.

Ten of the most used hammock accessories:  

Leisure and relaxation combined with safety

A hammock with a stand is undoubtedly the easiest way to relax and daydream. However, a wall-hanging hammock swing chair is equally comfortable and safe. You won't have to worry much about rearing, or failing if you set up and fix the hammock correctly.

Following the hammock manufacturer's weight limit for the hammock will minimize the risk of accidents.

You might wonder, are hammocks safe for kids? Well, it is always advised that children of any age should use hammocks under adult supervision. Keep the hanging distance as low as possible. Moreover, always buy kids hammocks designed, tested and sold to be used by kids.

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