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Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats

Beautiful multi- purpose Kitchen Mats providing comfort to tired legs while keeping the dirt away.

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Tired of standing for long hours in the kitchen? Fab Habitat offers anti-fatigue padded kitchen mats in 3 sizes, ergonomically designed to distribute your weight to provide relief and comfort. Also available are the non-slip kitchen mats with a superior rubber backing which have their edges sewn neatly for a premium look. ... Available in patterns like the Trellis, Herringbone, Striped or simple plain patterns, the kitchen mats come in a variety of colours to suit any floor.

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As people spend long hours standing in the kitchen, their legs get fatigued and tired causing stress to the body. We offer anti-fatigue kitchen mats made from PVC with foam inside its double layered structure that are super soft and provide comfort to tired legs. Our Super soft kitchen mats are reversible, and one can use them as per the side of their choice. Currently available in three different sizes. The surface is designed to avoid slipping which helps avoid accidents. However, the anti-slip properties of the kitchen mats will vary as per the surface of the kitchen flooring.

Non-slip Kitchen Mats with Rubber Backing!!!

The non slip kitchen mats are made from superior cotton mixed with polyester. Premium rubber backing helps in delivering a non-slip kitchen mat to our customers. These non-slip kitchen mats can be washed under the tap by scrubbing them lightly or in a washing machine on a cycle for delicate clothes with cold water. The edges have been finished neatly for a premium finish which also helps the durability. These non slip kitchen mats can also be used in laundry areas and bathrooms since they have excellent non-slip qualities.

Quality wise these are probably the best washable kitchen mats in Australia. Currently both the varieties are available in three different sizes. Small kitchen mat is ideal for a tight space whereas a large kitchen mat proves ideal next to the kitchen island.

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