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Stylish and incredibly versatile, a seating bench is a must-have furniture piece for every home. With multiple functional benefits, a cushioned bench can instantly uplift the style factor of any room. Shop at Fab Habitat for Australia’s best selection of stylish bench seats and pick one for your home. Select from a wide range of premium upholstered dining benches, industrial wooden benches , or a bohemian Charpai. A seating bench fits perfectly into any room of your home, Buy a Fabhabitat bench and refresh your Home décor.

Buy a fantastic bench online for your home and we will deliver it for free in Australia.

Refresh your Favorite Spaces With Trendy Seating Benches

Among the most prominent pieces of home furnishing, benches have long been a key piece of home decor. While they did fade away from the scene for a few decades, they are making a bold comeback and we are thrilled about it. A simple seating bench can tremendously boost the wow factor of your room. Take a closer look with Fab Habitat at the array of choices and spaces where you could introduce a bench seat in your home.


Amazingly functional as they come, cushioned benches can practically fit any room or passage of your home. A bench seat could look just right indoors as well as outdoors with your garden furniture. If you are looking to add that final touch of elegance to your home, a cushioned bench will be just that final piece to tie everything together perfectly. Get inspired by the selection of bench seat choices available online on Fab Habitat. We bring you a collection of incredibly versatile, superbly stylish, and totally in-trend carefully curated benches to help complete your living spaces.

What are the Best Placements for a Home Bench?

As benches are a prominent furniture item, the placement and the seating bench style to match the decor is very important. Here are the most popular spots in your home to add a bench seat.

  • Bedroom Benches:

    The bedroom is an ultimate space for your personal relaxation. Apart from your cozy bed, a bedroom bench is a chic addition to the space. Placing an end of bed bench allows for a neat extension and with a functional capability. You could use the bench seat to place all your throw cushions or use the underside to store larger items like wicker baskets for towels. There are numerous ways on how you could style up your bedroom bench so find yours on Fab Habitat and start today.
  • Kitchen and Dining Benches:

    Some of the best memories are made when you and your loved ones are huddled around the dinner table. A dining bench in the kitchen is a great addition if you entertain many guests. Both adults and kids would enjoy a comfortable upholstered dining bench for a quick morning breakfast, as well as a lazy Sunday family lunch.
  • Passage and Entryway Benches:

    Large passageways and the foyer could often be left awkwardly bare. Add a bench for entryway to liven it up with an artistic touch. An entryway bench is a fine statement piece for your home that lets your guests get the first glimpse of the overall décor theme.

Choose the Right Bench Style

Once you have clarity on the placement of the seating wooden bench in your home you can proceed to select the style of the piece. The choices are aplenty. Pick from a grey tufted bench, rug bench, white woven bench or a charpai to fit effortlessly well with the theme of your home.

Don’t miss the wide selection of stylish benches suitable for entryway, bedroom, Kitchen and dining from Fabhabitat in Australia.

  • Upholstered Benches:

    Step back in time to the regal eras of sheer opulence with a grey tufted cushion entryway bench. This luxurious style will surely amp up the fashion factor of your home. Place it against a solid-colored wall and accessorize it with a cushion or a coffee table book.
  • Neo Modern Styles:

    Tapered and angled legs are an evergreen classic style for furniture. Aesthetically appealing and easy to integrate into any design theme, a two seater neo modern upholstered seating benches are undoubtedly an eye-catching addition to your home.
  • Bohemian Character:

    Bring in a dash of refreshing contrast to your room with a vibrant bohemian cushioned bench or a traditional woven charpai. Pick from a comfortable charpai bench with rustic style wooden legs or cushioned benches with hairpin legs for minimal styling and smoothly scale up the feel-good factor of your home.

A well-placed living room bench can make an impression on your guests as it certainly raises the warm and welcoming feeling of the space. A fabric bench seat is suited for multiple spaces and is incredibly versatile to be moved around as per your liking.

Get shopping for a fantastic bench seat for your home and create a stylish and inviting vibe. Shop from a well-curated list of quality products and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience when you shop on Fab Habitat.

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