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Doormats By Colour

Doormats of every Colour to match any Door.

Different homes have different colour schemes. Colour schemes which are most popular for the entry door are Grey, Walnut and Black. Some of the doors also have fun and quirky colours like a striking bright Red or a cool Blue. Fab Habitat is the leader in the doormat industry and offers a door mat to meet such requirements.

Black Door Mat

A black doormat looks beautiful against a black door. Plenty of options are available for a black doormat. From a warm hello doormat in Black to a simple PVC backed doormat with home printed on it, one will find different options in various sizes and at great price points. Black doormat options are also available in different thickness and depending on the sun and the rains the entry door receives one can also choose between a waterproof and a thin or the thick options.

Spoiling you with choices for a Multicolour door mat.

If you are one who loves a colourful doormat then we will spoil you with choices and unique designs. ‘Saman’ Multicolour, ‘Vivid’ or the watercolour doormat designs have been created by Fab Habitat and reflects our vibrant happy mindset. Every year these doormats have proved not only to be popular but they have formed a key point in the way our customers have welcomed guests into their home.

Grey Doormats

A grey doormat has always proved extremely popular since we have started selling doormats. The dark Grey Home doormat is available in various sizes and is a good choice from a small door to a large French door. ‘Birds on Branch’ is definitely impressive with the way Grey colour has been used to create a beautiful doormat.

Blue doormat for the holiday home.

If you have a holiday home with white doors, nothing looks as good as a blue doormat. Available in 2 sizes the blue doormat is available in 20mm option of PVC backed coir doormats.

Natural coloured doormats like the Ghar, Nubra, Blackbelt or the Four Corners are universal in their appeal. The natural colour helps these doormats blend in with any door, be it white, blue or any other colour. Even the nautical designed Nui doormats in the natural background with thin stripes is an all-time favourite.

We hope you have a fabulous time browsing our range!!!

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