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Coir Doormats

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Coir is an earth friendly biodegradable material obtained from coconut’s husk. Originally doormats were made from 100% coir. Due to various reasons doormats are now made from various materials. Coir doormats continue to be the best doormats currently available for their excellent scraping and wiping qualities. ... Due to the natural look a coir door mat can blend in with almost any décor while creating a rich visual impact. A coir door mat is long lasting.

Fab Habitat offers doormats made from 100% coir and in combination with other materials like PVC and the rubber. The coir door mats are available in various thickness ranging from 2 to 4cms. Due to the way these mats are made there will be a small variation in the sizes of the doormats. Currently our online coir mats collection is available in 3 sizes.

Caring for Coir Doormats

These doormats shed and the best way one can care for their coir doormat is by lightly vacuuming them regularly. One can also strike them lightly against a corner or the floor to help keep them clean. These doormats are good outdoors under a covered area. However, they need to be dried quickly if it happens to rain on them. Direct sunlight is not good for a coir doormat.

We design our own doormats and source them directly from the manufacturers. Our customers can thus buy coir doormats of good quality at a great price.

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