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Doormats By Size & Shape

Shop a Doormat of every Shape and Size!!!

Every home is unique and has a personality of its own. Depending on the size of the door, one can find a small doormat for a single door to a long door mat for double doors which are also good for French doors. A Standard single door in Australia is usually 82cms in width whereas double doors or a French door width varies between 120cms to 180cms. Our small doormats of size 45x75cms are ideal for single doors whereas the long door mats of size 45x120cms prove great for double doors. If you have a large porch at the entry, then the extra-large door mats are just what you will need. The long doormats or the extra-large doormats are also especially useful near the patio door which leads into the back yard or the pool. Available in different materials, long door mats stop the dirt from coming in while making the place look aesthetically beautiful. The multi-purpose cotton rich non-slip floor-mats are super absorbent and can also be washed in a washing machine.

Select from a beautiful collection of Semi Round Doormats!!!

Although only recently introduced, the semi round or the half round doormats have proved immensely popular with the customers. The semi-round doormat can provide a great character to any door. Currently available in natural-coloured patterns, semi-round door mats will fit in everywhere. We hope you will find a door mat which best fits your requirements.

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