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A Closer Look at Recycled Plastic Mats

March 2, 2019

We all know that we need to recycle plastic more. Not only does recycling plastic help to protect our natural environment, but it also consumes far less energy than making new plastic. Nowadays, there are many ways that plastic can be recycled into useful, attractive, eco-friendly products. A fine example is home wares, where outdoor recycled plastic mats have become a hot item.

Which recycled plastic?

At Fab Habitat, our recycled plastic mats are made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which comes mostly from shopping bags and plastic bottles used for water, fruit juice and soft drinks.

PET is a strong material yet it’s lightweight. It’s 100 per cent recyclable so it makes sense to find ways to re-purpose it.

For our rugs and mats, the PET is crushed into smaller bits and then transformed into straws or yarn. The straws or yarn are then woven into a stunning mat.

How do the mats feel?

You might think that the mats would have a plastic feel but that’s not the case. Because they’re made from premium recycled plastic, they’re very soft and comfortable to walk, sit or stand on. At the same time, they retain all the qualities that make plastic such a popular material.

Why do people love the mats so much?

As well as being long lasting, hard wearing and flexible, the mats are also lightweight which means they can be easily carried along on picnics, camping trips, outdoor concerts or days at the beach.

In addition, the outdoor mats are very easy to clean. They can be hosed down with water for a quick, effective wash and they won’t be damaged in any way because they’re waterproof.

Can the mats be used in wet areas?

The mats can be used in wet areas, such as around pools and hot tubs, although it’s best not to let them stand in excess water for a long time. The outdoor rugs are resistant to mould, mildew and UV rays, too.

So if you’re looking for highly attractive, Earth-friendly outdoor mats, why not select something from the superb range on the Fab Habitat website? You can do your bit for the environment while making your home look fabulous.

Why Doormats are so Important in Your Home?

February 16, 2019

Doormats, like rugs, are one of those home accessories everyone knows about, but many people dismiss as an unnecessary luxury. However, there’s more to doormats than meets the eye, making them an essential piece of decor whether you’re touching up your own house or a commercial property. Here are some reasons why:


It’s pretty obvious that doormats help to stop guests from trekking in dirt and mud from outside. After all, if there’s one thing doormats are known for, it’s for wiping your feet. But they actually do a whole lot more for your premises in terms of cleanliness by acting as a barrier for dust and bacteria too. Even if larger pieces of dirt aren’t being brought into the house on shoes, the outside air can carry all kinds of small particles that enter your home. Without a doormat, this dust can easily travel across laminate flooring or embed itself in your carpet, but a quality doormat will collect most of the dirt before it can get any further. To enhance your mat’s bacteria-stopping qualities, you can coat it in a microbe-killing powder or spray as well.


Slip Protection

It can be dangerous to step onto a tiled or laminate floor with wet shoes after a heavy downpour, especially if there are several people coming in and out, as dampness can build up quickly. A doormat doesn’t just protect your floor from dampness, but also prevents any accidents from occurring, as it absorbs water and offers a stable surface to stand on.

Doormats Australia

Floor Preservation

Your floor is much more expensive to replace than a doormat, so why not take the time to put this extra layer of protection in place? Over time water and dirt can really take its toll on different surfaces, but the tread of feet in and out of a door can also wear out this area quicker than others. Unfortunately, it’s often not possible to replace just one section of your floor, meaning you’ll have to undergo unnecessary renovations that a doormat could have prevented.

Doormats Online

Ready to upgrade your home or business address with a new doormat? Browse the Fab Habitat website or give us a call to learn more about our range of furniture and furnishings.

Jute Rugs by Fab Habitat

May 9, 2018

Biggest motivation for writing a blog was to share the story behind every product that we choose. It also provides us a platform in providing insights to various Questions that customers have, while selecting our products.

We have now been selling Jute rugs for the past 2 years. Jute rugs have proved immensely popular & have also helped us in expanding our range beyond Indoor & Outdoor rugs. It was a good time to speak more about Jute rugs. It all started accidentally. A supplier with 2 big suitcases walked into our office unannounced. Initial reaction was to ignore him & continue with our daily work. On second thoughts, it was tempting to look up all the samples he had in his suitcase & he was very eager to show them.  He was very convincing & managed to sell us 4 styles. Thus, began a new chapter for Fab Habitat.

Jute Rugs

We started with just 4 styles in 3 sizes&we now offer more than 20 styles in up to 7 sizes.  In some of the styles, we offer from a small door mat,to an extra-large size like 2.4-meter x 3meter. By the feedback we receive the jute rugs seem to be very popular.  We were eager to learn more about Jute, Jute rugs, how are they made, benefits, the downside & much more. If we had so many questions, our customers had more. This is our attempt to share what we have learnt about Jute & related products over the last 2 years.



Our journey to get jute rugs took us to Panipat, Haryana, India. Panipat is approximately 2 hours away from Delhi, capital of India.  This is where we first learnt that jute rugs are available in various blends. All of them look great depending on the space. Jute rugs are handwoven on different handlooms, namely pit looms, shuttle & much more. Kolkata in west Bengal was the biggest commercial centre for Jute.  A part of our range for example Marigold initially came from Kolkata.  The last addition was more by an accident.  On a trip to source doormats, we found an excellent range in Alappuzha, Kerala, which is locatedin the southern part of India. Alappuzha is green covered with coconut trees.  Fantastic beaches, backwaters, provide an ideal backdrop for mixing holidays with business in Alappuzha.  We discovered the boucle & panama styled rugs in one of the factory visits. Estate Natural, Memphis, Coorg are from Alappuzha.

Pit Loom

Pit Loom



The Source & qualities:   Jute is a naturally grown product available in abundance in the Ganges delta shared by Bangladesh & India. It is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton.  Besides, Jute rugs, jute is also used in making sacks, furnishings & items of home décor. Jute is widely used in making ropes. In India & the countries nearby Jute is widely used to produce bales, sacks, & even furnishings. It is a versatile product. 100% bio degradable & renewable. Thus, it is environmentally friendly. Jute is colour fast and has sound & heat insulating properties. This is also the reason Jute rugs prove useful during winters as well as summers.

Varieties & uses of Jute Rugs:   The range is very broad & essentially defined by the technique used for weaving as well as the combination of materials used.  Hand braiding, boucle styled, jute with cotton, jute with wool are some of the varieties which are very popular. Estate Natural rug from our range is a good example of boucle weave whereas Plumeria is a great example of hand braided technique. All the jute rugs essentially are hand woven. Depending on the size, it may take up to few days to weave a single rug. Jute rugs are available in various shapes. Rectangular & round, are some of the shapes currently available with Fab Habitat.  Besides if one tries hard, more shapes like Oval can also be found.  Round rugs prove to very useful in Kids rooms, nurseries & in foyers, or landing areas of a home. Large rugs prove useful in lounge rooms as well as providing a neutral tone in bedrooms. Jute rugs prove useful under or near bedside.

Fab Habitat currently has jute rugs for most of the spaces in a home. A doormat size like 60x90cm can be used in front of a bathroom or near the bedside.  Hall runners prove ideally suited for long hallways, besides small area rugs like 90x150cms are great in studies, or at the entrance.

Look & The Feel: Jute rugs are very popular because of the neutral look. Majority of the Jute rugs are neutral in colour. Although, a small range is available if one is looking for colours. Phoenix Sea Green from our range is a great example.  The feel varies with styles. The phoenix range is soft whereas the Estate range feels hard & soft at the same time.  One can almost feel feet being massaged when they walk on the Estate range.

Caring for your jute rugs:  One needs to vacuum the jute rugs regularly. Twice a week will be ideal.  In case of a spill, it is advisable to dab it with a wet cloth & dry it immediately using a hair dryer.

Downside: Being made from natural fibre, jute rugs shed & it can be noticed on dark floors. R=The dirt normally stays under the rug & it can be cleaned when the rug is vacuumed.  The shedding is minimal after few days.

Jute Rugs - Fab Habitat

Amazing Indoor & Outdoor P.E.T Rugs by Fab Habitat

May 3, 2018

PET Rugs


Our Indoor Outdoor P.E.T rugs are super amazing. A lot of questions are directed about the feel of these rugs. Although, made from yarn produced from recycling plastic bottles, these rugs are soft & feel like cotton or wool.  Well priced to not break the bank, they still can make a lounge or living room come alive. They can bind the place together to create a happy vibe.

Rugs have been handwoven by using a very fine & yet strong yarns. To achieve the soft feel, special care is taken by the artisan weaving the rug.  A single rug can take upto a week to weave. All the efforts are taken to bring smiles to happy customers.

Merging Indoors with Outdoors

Recent trends have tried to merge the indoor spaces with outdoors.  One would ideally like to have a rug which can fit across all spaces.   These rugs are ideal as Indoor Outdoor rugs.  Easy to maintain.

Regular vacuuming will keep the rugs clean. If one wishes to go the extra yard, take the rug out & line dry the rug after a good hosing.  Kids would love to do this for you. Take care to not let water stand on the rug for too long.

Indoor PET RugsOutdoor PET Rugs

Handwoven under fair trade conditions & certified by Goodweave, an organisation run by Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate. Kailash has dedicated his life to eradicate child labour from the rug & carpet weaving industry in the Indian subcontinent.

Goodweave India

The rugs are currently available in 12 styles  with 3 sizes in each style. Fab Habitat has stockist in all the major metros.  A customer can purchase a rug from Shipping is free across Australia. Stockists are also available in New Zealand as well as Singapore.

Super Soft Multipurpose Laundry and Kitchen Mats

April 6, 2018

Over the years, a lot of our customers have called us and specifically inquired about a mat which can be used as a Kitchen Mats or the laundry. In one of our overseas buying trip we found super soft, long lasting and easy to maintain multipurpose mats. These mats were just what our customers needed.

Super Soft Kitchen Mats

As people spend many hours moving around or standing on hard floors, their bodies tend to get stressed. Besides, cooking and washing also puts stress on the leg muscles. Our multipurpose mats are designed to reduce the burden on ankles, knees and back. You can experience excellent quality, style and comfort offered by these mats at very reasonable prices. Our Kitchen mats are currently available in 3 sizes & in 6 different patterns to suit the décor.

Eco-friendly design for your health

Multipurpose mats are free from heavy metals and toxins harmful to the human body and their at once antimicrobial and eco-friendly techniques effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in the products. Based on this environment-friendly technologies and knowhow, these mats are developed with a layer of shock absorbing foam, allowing you to enjoy the comfort while relieving your stress.

The design that brings its style to life

Multipurpose mats’ sensuous and aesthetic surface design and colours will add stylishness and beauty to your house. The refined patterns of luxurious artificial leather do not so much pose an obstacle to the interior design of your house as they actually bring its style and elegance to life anywhere it is applied. The surface has an antimicrobial waterproof coating, which resists stains and permits easy cleaning.

Laundry and Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats Feature


A special coating on its surface gives the product resistance to moisture and water and allows for easy cleaning.


The design of anti-slip embossing patterns on the back of the mat prevents mat from moving around and potential trip hazard.

Excellent Stability (Soft Cushion)

The mat consists of 2 layers- skin layer and foam layer. Skin layer is the surface where the product is given embossing. Inner foam layer is a PVC foam with numerous closed cells which gives cushion and support.

Soft Cushion - Fab Habitat Australia









Verities of Outdoor Rugs with Their Different Functions

February 27, 2018

Outdoor Rugs

Buying the outdoor rugs for home décor that provide the amazing touch to the home along with delivering the many dust, mud and many unwanted particle function is not child’s play. They come with the various design along with the different quotation that will certainly jog your skills to buy one for your home.  Do not just settle for the anything that you see on the internet and fell into the trap of fake sellers.  Here are some of the areas that need to work out before buying Outdoor Rugs. Check it out!


Nothing gives the fine touch to the al fresco as outdoor rugs do. Having said that, Beauty of the rugs should not only be judged by the good looks of the rugs. It should also have the striking.


It will be the first thing that people will notice when they are going to buy the outdoor rugs. It is the one thing that that catch our attention while we are looking to buy anything. As these kinds of rugs are placed outside, it catches the dirt and you make sure it is enriched with the color that shows the dust very easily. Some of the colors like green brown along with natural orange shows the dirt ore easily and has ore lifespan than others.


It must have the impeccable design that distinguishes the contemporary outdoor rugs and makes your home look amazing.  It should be distinctive and must have the ingredient that gets the admiration of your guest at the first instant.


One of the most important aspect while buying the rugs. Some of the people just look the stylish design rugs and do not evaluate the size that meets their necessities. This is somewhere they fail and as it do not reflect the good impact to outdoor area.  Evaluate your size and place and choose the rugs, which suit your outdoor requirements.


These items get in contact with the family members mostly all the time and during the rainy season where our shoes gets muddy more easily it would take an effort by a person to wipe the mud from his shoes while rubbing on the outdoor rugs. Make sure it sustains any climate and deliver the amazing function in any condition.

Cost Effective

It has to be very competitive in price. The rugs you buy must be in your budget. Conversely, one should not compromise the quality of the rugs with the price as well.

Jute Rugs For Your Home

February 6, 2018

Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are made from the vegetable fibers that are woven together to make the classical eco- friendly, uniquely designed and strikingly amazing textures rugs. It has the commendable strength which last long and as much, you are keeping it clean and maintaining it. These items are very compatible with the home interior and could be the vital ingredient while decorating a home. Several times the Jute rugs are mistaken with the sisal rugs as they share much similarity in between. However, Jute rugs have far more advantageous than anything does.  Being the striking decorative element, it reflect the sense of fashion of home owner.

Jute rugs’ Durability is depends on the how dry one could keep it. As far as the owner making it clean and dry on daily basis, it would last years.  Maintaining the rugs is very far simpler than anything is. You don’t have to invest the in the expensive cleaners and shampoos to make it shine. Because a normal soap and bucket of water would accomplish that task with ease. Using soft sponge or bristle brush can clean up this amazing piece of home décor.  Amazing isn’t it? and, it did not end here. Various fact t and advantages are related to the Jute rugs.

1) It offers many useful features

Giving the distinct design to our home floor, it provide the unique touch to the home interior as the most popular types of these rugs comes in stripes and chevrons. It can be available in un-dyed natural color, if you are plain and simple color lover. Having said that it still has the distinct imaginative design always on them.

2) Eco friendly

They do not contain any kind of plastic or environment-harming element in them as they are made from the jute plants. Moreover, once you are done with it after their years of usage, it won’t affect the environment at all and can be recycled as they are bio- degradable. Apparently, it makes you and environmentalist if you have it. Wink

3) Ancient Roots

Jute plants are used as waving fabrics for years. It is believed to be come from the countries like India and Bangladesh.

4) Gives a exceptional feel to the home interior

The jute rugs are available in various size, shape, and design along with many textures that enhance the visibility of the home and wow the guests that enters the home. Moreover, being fashionable it is reliable and lasts long.

The appealing white color of the jute rugs distinguishes the home than the contemporary and adds the distinct specialty to it. Moreover, due to the wide range of the requirements of the various customers, many manufacturers are offering the amazing jute rugs made from the eco- friendly fibers. The home interior aficionados could have the verities of colorful, trendy and stylist rugs from the online platform. Having said that many of the ecommerce are offering the striking in look jute rugs but somehow they are not as effective as the firms, which are reputed companies. Buy this amazing piece of art from the quality manufacturer and decorate your home like you have not imagined before.

The Best Types of Beach Mats

April 20, 2012

Beach Mats

The best types of Beach Mats will be affordable, durable, comfortable, and easily accessible. You will find that there are many different manufacturers out there today that are pressing out many of these products that simply provide no benefits to the end-user whatsoever. However, there are still many more that will provide an excellent product, but it will be up to you to choose something that will fall within the guidelines listed above. Here, you will find a little more information that pertains to the best types that will be available, and how choosing the right kind will benefit you a great deal.

Spending a day on the beach can be a whole a fun for you and the whole family. At the same time, once the family has spent a little time and energy enjoying all of the benefits available, they will need a little time to re-energize so they can enjoy their time on the beach even more. In the past, many of simply packed up a blanket from home which they can use to throw on the sand while they enjoy a little time in the water, running on the beach, playing volleyball, or throwing the Frisbee around. However, the days are gone of the inconvenience of toting around a blanket that now weighs more because of all the sand it’s collected.

The Best Beach Mats

To alleviate this problem, you will be happy to know that there is a wide selection of mats available that you can use specifically for the beach. Many of these products are designed specifically for that application and contain the materials needed in order to provide comfort and durability over a long period of time. They are not designed for collecting sand but have been specifically created to provide you with comfort, flexibility, and durability. You will find many of these products in a variety of different colors, styles, shapes, and designs, which makes them extremely sought after when it comes to necessary beach accessories.

Where to Find Them

You won’t have to look far when it comes to looking for the best types of beach mats. There are companies that provide these products on and off line. But you will only find some of the highest quality products from some companies. So it will be extremely important for you to do your research so you can find the best products that will fulfill your needs.

When it comes to Beach Mats, it’s important to note that they are not all the same. But if you’re persistent, you will find something that will fulfill all your needs when it comes to enjoying your special occasion on the beach.

Uniquely Designed Beach Mats

April 13, 2012

For those that are looking for uniquely designed beach mats, you will discover that there are many different options available to you. If you are one of the lucky individuals that lives in or around the coastal communities, having fun at the beach is probably considered to be a staple when it comes to recreational activities. However, for some, when the time comes for a little rest and relaxation, it’ll be important to have something to lie on that will provide you with comfort and durability. Here, you will discover a little bit more about uniquely designed beach mats, and how they can make your day on the beach a bit more pleasurable.

There are a wide variety of products on the market that will be able to provide you with exactly what is needed when it comes to relaxing on the beach. Many of the products that are available are made using specific materials which will increase their durability and comfort. But it’s important to note that all of the beach mats that are available are not created equal.

Design and Durability

When it comes to design and durability, these are a couple of options that will be extremely important when choosing your beach mats. You will need to decide whether you are looking for something that is light weight, pliable, easy to store, inflatable, non-inflatable, or something that is made of polyester, or some other type of material. You will discover that there are a variety of mats on the market that are made out of recycled materials as well, so there are many options that are available to you.

Choosing the Perfect Color, Size, and Application

As stated before, all beach mats are not created equal, which simply means there are many to choose from. Each manufacturer will put their specific twist on the different types of products they provide. It will be important for you to choose your product based on application, color, size, and the materials that are used. This will ensure that your product stands up to the elements, and provide you with the comfort and style you’re hoping for.

There are many different uniquely designed beach mats available; however, it will be up to you to choose something that will work for your needs while providing you with comfort, style, and durability at the same time.

How to Find the Best Picnic Mats

April 6, 2012

If you find yourself in a position where you need to find accessories for a picnic occasion, one of the most important items that will need to be on your list will be how to find the best picnic mats available. Although there will be a lot of different items on your list such as compact picnic sets, stadium seats, tables, barbecue tool sets, portable grills, and kitchen amenities and accessories, you will still need to make a decision when it comes to the type of picnic mats you would like to have available for your special occasion.

With this in mind, it will be important to make a selection based on the type of occasion you are planning, or something that is versatile which will work for any occasion you may plan in the future. It’ll be important to note that there are a wide variety of selections when it comes to the best picnic mats available. There are a variety of sizes, styles, materials, colors, and designs. Here you will discover how to find these items, and once you do – how to select them based on your specific needs.

Choosing the Best Products

Depending on the type of picnicking you like to do, you will need to choose a style and type that will fulfill all of your needs. You will discover that many choose these items based on their particular occasion. However, others will choose what they are looking for based on an overall need. You will find that there are a wide variety of options available to you in the form of colors, designs, applications, and materials, so with this in mind you will be able to find the best product for your specific needs.

Why Location is Important

Picnics are not just limited to parks and recreational areas. People can enjoy this wonderful occasion at water parks, beaches, camping areas, backyards, and high up on mountain terrains. So it will be important for you to choose mats that have been specifically designed for your particular application. This will be extremely important because it will ensure that the product you have chosen will stand up to the elements and environment.

Choosing the best picnic mats available will not be a difficult process. This is as long as you utilize the services provided by an on or off-line company that is dedicated to providing you with a durable yet comfortable product.