Black & White Inspirations from Fab Habitat πŸ”²πŸ”³

Black & White Inspirations from Fab Habitat πŸ”²πŸ”³

Black & White Inspirations

Plastic Mats

Fab Habitat’s plastic outdoor rugs and mats are woven from straws made from recycled plastic. They are washable. Just shake or hose off for easy cleaning. These plastic mats like “Beach rugs, Picnic rugs and Camping mats” are lightweight and hence easily portable for picnics and camping. 

Plastic mats are available in “extra small rugs, small rugs, medium rugs and
large rugs” sizes to suit everyone’s need. Right from XS to XXL.

P.E.T Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Fab Habitat’s P.E.T indoor/outdoor rugs are stylish in appearance, extremely soft & feel like luxurious textile rugs. They’re multipurpose and can be used indoor and outdoor. Available in 4 sizes. Hose off & line dry to clean.

Kitchen Mats

Fab Habitat’s Kitchen Mats are made from PVC. The mats’ 2-layer closed cell structure reduces impact, offers a great cushion and distributes weight evenly so can feel comfort on your feet, back and sole. They are Non slip kitchen mats and safe from trip hazard onto, from mat. Free from germs and bacteria. Just shake, mop or hose off for easy cleaning.


Bring style and luxury to your home with Fab Habitat’s indoor and outdoor cushions. We offer wide range of cushions from cotton printed to macrame textured. All the cushions come with inserts.


Fab Habitat has doormats to suit everyone’s choice and needs. The designs are fresh and unique. We offer the best quality doormats in the market at reasonable prices. Coir doormats have excellent scrapping properties and hence our doormats are Eco-friendly. 

We offer four sizes of doormats – XS to XL.


Find a wealth of storage, organisation, and display potential with the versatility of the baskets from Fab Habitat. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Bangladesh using traditional weaving techniques for exceptional attention to detail and a one-of-a-kind finish.

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