Coastal Style Home Decorating Ideas

Coastal Style Home Decorating Ideas

Coastal Style Home Decorating Ideas
Jute Rugs Australia

Jute Rugs are popular for their neutral colours which help in creating the perfect coastal look. 

Featured in this image is Fab Habitat’s Aster jute rug. Available in seven sizes.

Eco-chic jute rugs enhance the natural texture of your home decor.
Featured in these images are Fab Habitat’s Plumeria Round Jute Rug which is available in four sizes and Aria jute rug available in seven sizes.

Round Jute Rugs

Create a FAB coastal look with Fab Habitat’s Outdoor Rugs and mats made from recycled plastic. Style your home with peace of mind as our products are Eco-friendly.

Featured in this image is Fab Habitat’s Olympia Beige round outdoor rug.

Jute Rugs

Outdoor Rugs are perfect for protecting the floors of your living room or patio, or taking camping mats with you on picnics and beach outings.

Featured in this image is Fab Habitat’s Kimberley beige outdoor rug available in five sizes.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Enrich your space by getting the perfect coastal look with Fab Habitat’s plush indoor outdoor rugs. These indoor outdoor rugs are made from PET fibers that are soft yet durable with a luxurious textile feel and are handmade by skilled artisans in India under fair trade conditions.

Featured in these images are Fab Habitat’s Herringbone Sky Blue and Pyrenees indoor outdoor rugs. Available in a range of size options to suit your space.


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