A Closer Look at Recycled Plastic Mats

A Closer Look at Recycled Plastic Mats

We all know that we need to recycle plastic more. Not only does recycling plastic help to protect our natural environment, but it also consumes far less energy than making new plastic. Nowadays, there are many ways that plastic can be recycled into useful, attractive, Eco-friendly products. A fine example is homeware Items, where outdoor Recycled Plastic Mats have become a hot item.

Which recycled plastic?

At Fab Habitat, our recycled plastic mats are made from Indoor Rug PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which comes mostly from shopping bags and plastic bottles used for water, fruit juice, and soft drinks.

PET is a strong material yet it’s lightweight. It’s 100 percent recyclable so it makes sense to find ways to re-purpose it.

For our rugs and mats, the PET is crushed into smaller bits and then transformed into straws or yarn. The straws or yarn are then woven into a stunning mat.

How do the mats feel?

You might think that the
mats would have a plastic feel but that’s not the case. Because
they’re made from premium recycled plastic, they’re very soft and
comfortable to walk, sit or stand on. At the same time, they retain
all the qualities that make plastic such a popular material.

Why do people love the
mats so much?

As well as being long
lasting, hard wearing and flexible, the picnic rugs, beach rugs and camping mats are also lightweight
which means they can be easily carried along on picnics, camping
trips, outdoor concerts or days at the beach.

In addition, the outdoor
mats are very easy to clean. They can be hosed down with water for a
quick, effective wash and they won’t be damaged in any way because
they’re waterproof rug.

Can the mats be used in
wet areas?

The mats can be used in wet areas, such as around pools and hot tubs, although it’s best not to let them stand in excess water for a long time. The outdoor rugs are resistant to mould, mildew and UV rays, too.

So if you’re looking for highly attractive, Earth-friendly outdoor mats, why not select something from the superb range on the Fab Habitat website? You can do your bit for the environment while making your home look fabulous.

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