Why Doormats are so Important in Your Home?

Why Doormats are so Important in Your Home?

Doormats, like rugs, are one of those home décor accessories everyone knows about, but many people dismiss as an unnecessary luxury. However, there’s more to doormats than meets the eye, making them an essential piece of decor whether you’re touching up your own house or a commercial property. Here are some reasons why:


It’s pretty obvious that Door Mats help to stop guests from trekking in dirt and mud from outside. After all, if there’s one thing Door Mats are known for, it’s for wiping your feet. But they actually do a whole lot more for your premises in terms of cleanliness by acting as a barrier for dust and bacteria too. Even if larger pieces of dirt aren’t being brought into the house on shoes, the outside air can carry all kinds of small particles that enter your home. Without a doormat, this dust can easily travel across laminate flooring or embed itself in your carpet, but a quality doormat will collect most of the dirt before it can get any further. To enhance your mat’s bacteria-stopping qualities, you can coat it in a microbe-killing powder or spray as well.

Slip Protection

It can be dangerous to step onto a tiled or laminate floor with wet shoes after a heavy downpour, especially if there are several people coming in and out, as dampness can build up quickly. A Non Slip Doormat doesn’t just protect your floor from dampness, but also prevents any accidents from occurring, as Washable Doormats and Waterproof Doormats absorbs water and offers a stable surface to stand on.


Floor Preservation

Your floor is much more expensive to replace than a doormat, so why not take the time to put this Large Doormats some extra layer of protection in place? Over time water and dirt can really take its toll on different surfaces, but the tread of feet in and out of a door can also wear out this area quicker than others. Unfortunately, it’s often not possible to replace just one section of your floor, meaning you’ll have to undergo unnecessary renovations that a doormat could have prevented.

Doormats Online

Ready to upgrade your home or business address with a new doormat? Browse the Fab Habitat website or give us a call to learn more about our range of furniture and furnishings.

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