A Doormat for Every Door, For Every Home

A Doormat for Every Door, For Every Home

It’s now 4 years since we started selling doormats. With a selection of more than 50 designs we now offer one of the best collections in Australia. No matter what your requirement is, we have a doormat to make you happy. Made from Earth friendly and 100% renewable resources our doormats are ideal to create a warm welcome.  

Looking for something colourful, stylish & yet simple to welcome your guests our PVC backed doormats will just be right for you. From a simple Hello or a classical HOME to a stylish floral design there are multiple choices available to help cover every option. Available in 4 sizes, PVC backed doormats are 2cm thick. From an extra-small to extra-large, one will have an option to choose a size for a single door to double door entry.  Excellent scraping quality, durable & value for money are some of the feedback we have received from customers.

TRIAD 45×120 cm extra-long PVC backed coir doormat for double doors
TRIAD 45×120 cm extra-long PVC backed coir doormat for double doors

For someone who does not prefer the PVC backing, but the gap between the door and the floor will not allow a thick doormat, we have 2 cm thick 100% coir doormat to create the perfect entry. Our designs, Nui & Four Corners have proved to be extremely popular so much so that the first lot sold out within a month of introduction. These doormats are handmade & then printed with organic paints to create beautiful designs.  They are light weight & can be maintained easily by giving them a light shake. To help elongate life, please prevent them being soaked in water.

Four Corners soon to be available in four sizes

Estate Natural, Sequoia, Nautica have proved to be popular floor mats. These are handwoven by workers in India and can be rolled up. Ideal near the bed, in kitchen, laundry or in front of the bathroom door they prove to be very versatile.

The best of the lot are our 100% coir 4cm thick coir doormats.  Simply the best in the world. We have not spared any efforts to create unique original patterns like the Blue Flag, Water colour, Ghar, Saman Multicolour & many more. Designed by the artist from 3 different countries we are extremely proud of the outcome. Patterns like Welcome with 2 small birds or the Lhasa Orange available in 2 sizes appeal to every customer.  Suzanni which comes in 2 sizes is difficult to overlook.

Our next introduction, Mahi & the Half round mats will take things to a completely new level. No company in Australia offers a range of doormats which is so wide in terms of sizes, colours, patterns and applications.

If you have a wide door, but the gap between the door and the floor is too little, thin polypropylene doormats or Half Round Doormats are ideal and yet strong enough to handle any traffic. The long and the wide 90x150cms sized doormat will cover almost any door. Available in 3 sizes and 2 colours at a price which will make anyone happy.

Polypropylene doormats

We ship free across Australia. 99% of the orders if received before 1 PM leave on the same day. After having sold more 60,000 doormats we enjoy creating great designs & products which make our customers happy.

All our doormats are available online to purchase. You can click www.fabhabitat.com.au/doormats or visit one of our stockists across Australia. If you are looking to buy large quantities, we will be willing to sell at wholesale prices as well. Feel free to call or get in touch through email, we would love to hear your feedback which helps us improve.

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