Fab Rugs in Sydney, Brisbane and all over Australia

Fab Rugs in Sydney, Brisbane and all over Australia

Fab Rugs are made from recycled shopping bags & other discarded plastic articles made of Polypropylene. The rugs are soft yet durable, can be washed & stored easily. Some users also refer to these rugs as a plastic mat fit to be used for many indoor & outdoor uses.

Fab Rugs are great as indoor & outdoor rugs.

Fab Rugs prove very useful in the annexe out of a caravan or an RV. They are also known to many users as their camping mats. One can simply fold them & take them to a family picnic and use them in Gazebos. With very vibrant designs & colours Rugs prove very popular with beach goers. The rugs find a place of pride in day care centers as they are very easy to maintain. Rugs are suitable for Balconies, patios & kitchens.

We warmly invite you to browse through our range of indoor & outdoor rugs & hope that you will find something of your choice.



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