Amazing Indoor & Outdoor P.E.T Rugs by Fab Habitat

Amazing Indoor & Outdoor P.E.T Rugs by Fab Habitat

PET Rugs


Our Indoor & Outdoor P.E.T Rugs are super amazing. A lot of questions are directed about the feel of these rugs. Although made from yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles, these rugs are soft & feel like cotton or wool.  Well priced to not break the bank, they still can make a lounge or living room come alive. They can bind the place together to create a happy vibe.

Rugs have been handwoven by using a very fine & yet strong yarn. To achieve a soft feel, special care is taken by the artisan weaving the rug.  A single rug can take up to a week to weave. All the efforts are taken to bring smiles to happy customers.

Merging Indoors with Outdoors

Recent trends have tried to merge the indoor spaces with outdoors.  One would ideally like to have a rug which can fit across all spaces.   These rugs are ideal as Indoor Outdoor rugs.  Easy to maintain.

Regular vacuuming will keep the rugs clean. If one wishes to go the extra yard, take the rug out & line dry the rug after a good hosing.  Kids would love to do this for you. Take care to not let water stand on the rug for too long.

Indoor PET Rugs

Outdoor PET Rugs

Handwoven under fair trade conditions & certified by Goodweave, an organisation run by Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate. Kailash has dedicated his life to eradicate child labour from the rug & carpet weaving industry in the Indian subcontinent.

Goodweave India

The rugs are currently available in 12 styles with 3 sizes in each style. Fab Habitat has stockists in all the major metros.  A customer can purchase a rug from Shipping is free across Australia. Stockists are also available in New Zealand as well as Singapore.

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